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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Technology Tuesday!

Today I am linking up with Queen of the First Grade Jungle to talk about....

I am here to push Class Dojo a little bit more!!  I absolutely LOVE this website!!  

It helps my students to take control of their day.  At my school we are not big on clip charts for behaviors, simply because we do not want students to do the "walk of shame" to move their clip down....  so then came in class dojo!  You can check it out here.  I love this video, it's so cute!

I pair up my class dojo with my Whole Brain Teaching and their Super Improvers wall.  So for every 10 points the students earn the get to move their card up on the super improvers wall.  

Each level they move up is called something like Beginner, Team Captain, Wiz Kid, etc. they are also color coded.  Here is an example of a wall by Little Minds at Work.  I used her level named cards, and instead of stickers, use classdojo!!

 They take their index card down, switch it with their new one, glue their old one to a CONGRATULATIONS sheet, and they get to take that home to show off!   Wahoo! 

Here is the parent sheet to share:

 It's working so smoothly...  Teaching assistant, special education teachers, speech teachers can all hop on and give points to the students.  I always have Class Dojo on my smartboard so they can tap the students name and give them points for great behavior!!  

Also: you can print weekly reports, or send out a e-mail blast to the parents to share their progress!! 

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