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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stitch fix & More!

Hey Friends!!

   Just got my stitch fix box number four, and I was surprised yet again by what I loved!!  This time around I asked for a open chunky cardigan, and I got it!

I am really able to use the style card that they send with the fix and play with other items in my closet to then surprisingly find items that I thought I would never like, and end up loving!!

the style card they send you (that you keep no matter what :)

So here is what I got...

pants (Honestly the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn in my life!)  didn't have a good enough picture to put on here... only have my good ole iphone.

New to this so called stitch fix?  You MUST try it!  Here is how it works:  sign up by clicking here at stitch and fill out the free style profile.  This is where you share your likes, dislikes, sizes needs, wants, and if you have a Pinterest account that too!

Then when you are ready you schedule your fix!  You can add notes to the fix to tell them more about your self, what you are looking for in particular, really anything!  This is a twenty dollar fee but if you keep at least one item from your fix then they will put that fee towards whatever you by, which means you get a free stylist! WIN!  After you have it scheduled they will send you five staple items for your closet, beautifully wrapped with the style card on how two wear it two different ways with pictures of the clothing items that match(that could already be in your closet) from head to toe!  You will give three days to try on the items.  After you decide you put the items you don't like in a bag, pop them in your mailbox and then checkout online!  Here is where you can tell them what you didn't like about the items your sending back, and they will keep this info for your next fix!  Seriously, I am usually a LOFT girl, and I only shop during a sale but this is awesome.  

So head on over to stitch fix, using this link because each time I have a referral I gain credit to my stitch fix addiction! :)  And then I can post more stitch fix's on here!

On the educational side of things I wanted to share this freebie with you! Studying penguins this week?  Here is a free Kindergarten color the penguin by sight words!  Enjoy!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Made it Monday!

I'm linking up with the fabulous Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for MY FIRST Monday Made It!

Totally not teacher relate but I made these great Eggplant Sticks.  I am IN LOVE with Skinny Tastes blog, as well as eggplant.  Trader Joes had some nice looking eggplant, and so I thought, why not?!

Here is my take:

Here is Skinny Taste's take:

(New camera for me please?!?  Have you been to the scavenger hunt yet?  Blog Hopping 2014!)

Here are 5 of my posts from the hunt:

     .......swizzle sticks, august calendar, concert tickets......

That blog has some AWESOME recipes here are a few of my fave's!!

Happy Monday folks!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I am following suit with Learning in the Little Apple! 

First = Wordless Wednesday @ Sugar and Spice

This is my wordless Wednesday....
 I just am saying... some of the selfies out their with duck faces.... hmm...

Next up, Ideas by Jivey's What I'm Wearing Wednesday Linky Party.

Just ordered three more of....  
Old Navy Jersey Fold Over Skirts.  I. Love. Them.    !


Friday, May 2, 2014

May Currently, and Five 4 Friday, in one!

A busy, busy week behind me, and more coming up!!  So many things happening, and so much more to look forward to!

One, well, this happened.  YUP.  Worms.  My kids LOVE it!  ME, not so much?!  Anyone else in my shoes?!  



 Seeing a pic above of that lil' man makes me happy.  He is such a happy little boy!  Especially today... he turns FIVE today!  Look at all of those special treats he got!  Toys, treats, and YES, that white container is what we call CUSTARD in Wisconsin.  Max is obessed with it.  Seriously, he has issues....  Happy birthday baby boy!!


 Last but never least....

I wanted to make something Frozen themed, and wanted it to be super editable....  Here it is!  ENJOY friends!

It is also May 2nd!  Whoa!!  Just see below!

A Differentiated Kindergarten

Friday, April 11, 2014

Five For Friday!

TGIF!  Yes!!!   Here we go!  I am so glad it's Friday!


I am trying this out, finally.  I caved! I am sure I won't regret it, but I am nervous.  I am one PICKY gal.   Stitch Fix!  If you have not checked it out, click now, don't hesitate!  It is shopping made easy!  You won't regret just looking! Click Here!


My kiddos are awesome this year..  We do a star student of the week each week.  This week our friend wrote My favorite band is The Beatles.  And then named each Beatle, first and last name, and sang a lil' tune.  OH MY!!!


Love'n this:

4.  Picture-less but I just want to tell you, THANK YOU! For coming and stopping by my blog.  I hope you have a happy, enjoyable, restful weekend.

5.  I love iPads, especially when I have the kids partner up for Math App Thursday!  They LOVE it!  (Here we are playing on Geometry Mathomatix FREE app)  

This was a great app:

Ta ta!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Five for Friday! 4/4/14 

The weeks lately seem to just carry on, and on.  The days go by quickly with the kiddos, but Friday never can come fast enough!  End of it all, it IS Friday, I am in yoga pants, and trying to just unwind!  Here is for Doodle Bugs Teaching five for FRIDAY!


Our school art teacher is AWESOME.  She does amazing things with our kiddos, and displays them in a way I could never think of.  I wish I had that creativity!


Here is our library!  Our librarians made a igloo out of milk cartons, isn't it just the cutest!?  I have seen this on the web, and wow was it  A LOT of work, but how cute is it!?  

 How do you have your kiddos check out books in the library?  I allow 2 books in Kindergarten.  One just right book, and one book they are interested in.  They check out books in the library on Friday, return on Monday, and those two books stay in their book bin until library time on Friday.  Each day they get to check 2 new books from my library that are just right.  What works best for you?!

   My kids LOVE  See my previous post about that!  Here they are learning how to stay stress free with a breathing exercise!  Enjoy!

  I live in WI and our basketball team from UWM are heading to the final four!   Our state is PUMPED!  Go Bucky Go!  Cheer for the Badgers tomorrow friends!!!


  Here is your freebie of the day!  /sw/ and /tw/ blend sort sheet!  Enjoy!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014