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Friday, April 4, 2014

Five for Friday! 4/4/14 

The weeks lately seem to just carry on, and on.  The days go by quickly with the kiddos, but Friday never can come fast enough!  End of it all, it IS Friday, I am in yoga pants, and trying to just unwind!  Here is for Doodle Bugs Teaching five for FRIDAY!


Our school art teacher is AWESOME.  She does amazing things with our kiddos, and displays them in a way I could never think of.  I wish I had that creativity!


Here is our library!  Our librarians made a igloo out of milk cartons, isn't it just the cutest!?  I have seen this on the web, and wow was it  A LOT of work, but how cute is it!?  

 How do you have your kiddos check out books in the library?  I allow 2 books in Kindergarten.  One just right book, and one book they are interested in.  They check out books in the library on Friday, return on Monday, and those two books stay in their book bin until library time on Friday.  Each day they get to check 2 new books from my library that are just right.  What works best for you?!

   My kids LOVE  See my previous post about that!  Here they are learning how to stay stress free with a breathing exercise!  Enjoy!

  I live in WI and our basketball team from UWM are heading to the final four!   Our state is PUMPED!  Go Bucky Go!  Cheer for the Badgers tomorrow friends!!!


  Here is your freebie of the day!  /sw/ and /tw/ blend sort sheet!  Enjoy!


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