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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April FIRST, no foolin' here....

Linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

Happy April everyone!

Check out all of the fun April happenings here!

Here is Greg Smedley's website, and his you tube.  He is awesome!  Check him out!


  1. Kelly,
    Thanks for sharing the video! I love finding new blogs through the monthly "Currently" linky!
    PAWSitively Teaching.

  2. Ah! I need to renew my license this year, so I totally feel ya! I live in Ohio and we finally had a nice day today! It is MUCH welcomed after such a harsh winter!

    Permanently Primary

  3. Hey! I have the same issue with my letter stamps for centers. The kids can't quite get them back in there the right way and be able to close it. Maybe get one of those plastic containers with all the dividers? Maybe it'll be a little deeper? I'm not even sure where to find those anymore...I just found this on Amazon, though! I may have to make this my next project!

  4. Hi Kelly,
    I have to agree with wanting more time! It is always my #1 want during the school year.
    Hope you have a fantastic April. You know it will be gone before we know it. My planning calendar is already FULL!

    Lunch, Snacks, and Recess