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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Design!

I really am in awe of my fellow bloggers.  Especially Kinder Loves!  Check out my new blog design!  Look up, down, and all around.  She is truly awesome!  I was blown away. I cannot thank her enough for putting this together.  Check out her blog here!

I am working on a lot of things.... but most importantly routines!  We are on day 15 of our days in school for my kinders.  I am loving it!  We have a trials but they make every day so exciting!  I can always say "I love my job!"  How lucky am I?

I wanted to tell you about my goodbye routine.  For a couple years I would just give my kiddos high-fives and say "Have a great day, see you tomorrow my friends!" (I call all my kiddo's my friends, I feel it helps form a connection...)  but now I am letting the kiddos choose an H for the day!

H?  What the H?  haha... opps, had to!!! Sorrryyy....





So when my kiddos line up for the end of the day they choose their H for the day!  I love tht 90% of my kids want a hug at the end of the day.

How do you say bye at the end?

I hope you are having a great Tuesday friends!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Five For Friday!

I have completed my first FULL week of school, and man was I exhausted every single night.  YAWN!  Is it 8:30...can I go to sleep...puhhlease?!

1.  I finished my first full week, as I stated above, haha... but I am so happy!  It was a rough start, and I forget that every year how much work it truly is.  I hate to sound like a broken record but, whoa!  They come a long way!!  Kindergarteners are very dependent on their teachers...but I have so much faith that they will go to the moon and back by then end of the year.

2.  I loved (this letter) that a Mom from Sandy's Hook terrible tragedy wrote.  Kudos to her.  Thank you.

3.  Fall is kicking in here in Wisconsin!  I am wearing socks, pants, and a hoodie!  I love this weather!

4.  I loved having all my forms for open house in a folder with a checklist on the front of what parents should have ready at the beginning of the year.  Must. Do. Every. Year.

5.  We live very close to a little waterpark in a park...  At the end of the year after the kiddos have swam they allow any and every dog to come in for the doggie swim!  Our pup Max LOVED it!

I hope your weekend is filled with relaxation, recuperation, fun, family, and sleep!  Ahh!!  Goodnight everyone!  (Go Packers!)

Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently

I have spent the last couple weeks prepping, cutting, hanging, laminating, moving, packing, unpacking....  Getting ready for tomorrow.  Here is my September currently!  Linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade

Listening:  To my hubby catch up on Breaking Bad, Gold Rush, etc.  He is enjoying his day off...  Hopefully I can watch my RHOC after, haha :)

Loving:  That I have today off and a 4 day week with my kiddos...

Thinking:   Tomorrow is our first day back!  EEEK!   22 Kinders.  That's the smallest class size I have had in 5 years!  Last year it was 26, four less is a lot!!  Then after school I have the Mumford & Sons concert to go to!  I hope I can stat awake, oh dear!

Wanting:   New clothes please!  I went yesterday but I was disappointed in the sales and the clothes.  Maybe next weekend!

Needing:  need I say more?

<3:  I really want to stick to my workout schedule, eat right, and live healthy.  I had been doing so well, and then vacation happened.  I am back on track and need to stay on!

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