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Friday, May 2, 2014

May Currently, and Five 4 Friday, in one!

A busy, busy week behind me, and more coming up!!  So many things happening, and so much more to look forward to!

One, well, this happened.  YUP.  Worms.  My kids LOVE it!  ME, not so much?!  Anyone else in my shoes?!  



 Seeing a pic above of that lil' man makes me happy.  He is such a happy little boy!  Especially today... he turns FIVE today!  Look at all of those special treats he got!  Toys, treats, and YES, that white container is what we call CUSTARD in Wisconsin.  Max is obessed with it.  Seriously, he has issues....  Happy birthday baby boy!!


 Last but never least....

I wanted to make something Frozen themed, and wanted it to be super editable....  Here it is!  ENJOY friends!

It is also May 2nd!  Whoa!!  Just see below!

A Differentiated Kindergarten