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Friday, May 17, 2013

Five For Friday!

Oh boy what a week!  If you saw my previous post I slammed my fingers in my car door so I am dealing with some pain and it doesn't make it easy!  But in the scheme of things I will survive!!!  (I feel like breaking out in song...haha)

My Five For Friday!

1.  We have started our count down of the ABC's and the kids are LOVING it!  Today we had Q and U together to celebrate their wedding!  Yeah!!!

When they came in....

Welcome All!!!  (I played Cannon in D while they walked in...) :)


Their wedding cake!

Dance time!  Let's learn the square dance (qu word!)

2.  My fingers, they hurt.  I waited and waited to go to urgent care.... I am very anxious about doctors!  But I went and it's still in pain...  No major surgery needed, hehe.

3.  18 days left of school!  18!!!

4.  I finished PALS and MAP testing.  WAHOOO!!  I am so proud of my Kinders!!  One more round of running records to go, well, and then report cards.... Anyone else in the same testing boat?

5.  TGIF.  I am happy the weekend is here and I can regroup myself with my hubby and my puppy.  I am thankful for my little family....

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Insured list!

Put me on the teams injured list....  I have one hurt hand!  On Sunday as I was putting away groceries my car door got abruptly shut right onto my hand.  OUCH!  That's right.  It hurt like heck!   I have two black and blue fingers, and the paint hasn't stopped.....Therefore typing has not been the easiest at all or teaching K for that matter! ,hang in there though, tomorrow is q and u's wedding!

P.s.  notice the odd typing?  Yep that courtesy of the left hand having to take's having a hard time....  Haha
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Week and a Mother's Day Freebie!

Today is Sunday which means scheduling Sunday.....  I love Dee Dee Wills Peek at her week, so I have been trying my best to keep that rolling.  This week I have PALS testing for Kindergarteners, a half day, and MAP testing!  OH BOY!

This week we are learning about Plants, and Worms!  We currently use Foss Science in our school district, and worms is a requirement... it will be interesting as this is my first Worm unit!  But I sure love Plants!!

See all that testing?  Ughh... my poor Kinders!!!

Here is the Mother's Day Writing Pack we are working on, and it's totally Free!  I made one for Mom and one for Grandma.   Staple together to form a book, and then this 

is going to be the cover page!  Too Cute!  Enjoy!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Currently May

Hey friends!  It's May, can you believe it?  April did fly by, didn't it?  I am loving that's it's May, but whoa, we have a busy May in Kindergarten!  

I am linking up with Farley for the May Currently.  May is my favorite month because it's my birthday month!  The BIG 3-0!  May 9th!  Whoootttt Whooottt!!!

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