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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Peek at my Week and New Product!

Hello Sunday!  Happy you are here!  I have a 4 day week coming up, and then Spring Break!  Are you on break already?  I live in Wisconsin, so there is nothing screaming "spring" outside, but in our hearts we are dying for some springy weather!  So I put together this spring write the room!  My kiddos LOVE these!  They are so excited to go to this center.

This product is only $2.00, and I would be happy to add or change any graphics you are looking to have!  The first 6 cards are spring themed words, and cards 7-18 are CVC + words for the kiddos to practice sounding out words....

I am also linking up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten who I love!  She does her Sunday weekly lesson plan linky!  I love her peek at her week so I am giving it a shot.  My plans are a work in progress, BIG progress...

Here are my weekly plans!  

If you would like to use my editable lesson plans check that out here:   Editable Schedule

Here are my centers for the week!  This is totally new to me, and I am still working on the math tubs.  Literacy centers are shown though!  Enjoy!


  1. You did it! Atta girl! Looks great!

  2. Love the looks of the write the room activity. Yay for another WI blogger!


    1. Thank you! Hoping for spring weather! What district are you currently teaching in?