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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making Words

I have been toying around with so many ideas on how to have the students do small group making words activities.  We use Storytown Reading curriculum, and included is 28+ letter cards.  They are nice, but hard to keep organized, hard for the students to sort, ect.  I would really have to plan ahead pull letters aside in order to use these...

So then I went on to using making words cut out and write sheet.  This also worked alright, but I felt like it still wasn't just clicking right, so behold the Making Words File Folder! BAM!
This is not my own idea, but from the lovely Teacher bits & blobs.  I wish I thought of this!  You can head over here to download the printable *FREE* paper.  Print it out, glue it to a file folder, laminate, and then Wahlah! You have a easy to use, easy to store making words game!

Making words folder
It worked like magic today.  Seriously.  It was like love at first sight when I used these with the students.  One of our students was able to spell our spelling word "back" today that usually has a very hard time spelling! WAHOO!!  I love these moments!!


  1. Can you please email me the link to anewman at usd345 dot com? I love this idea! I teach special education at a high school, and I like this because it does not look too childish. Great job!

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