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Thursday, October 20, 2011

"I'm done Mrs. Schultz!"

Oh no!  Teachers I am sure you cringe like me when a student says "I'm done, now what!?" Oh yeah.  I have been reading up at Teacher Tipsters and he really has some wonderful ideas!  I came across...the fast finisher folder!  Ya gotta love the kids for wanting to keep on going, keep on learning, but man I really dislike having to hear "I'm done!"

  So behold "The Fast Finisher Folder!"  (Teacher Tipster calls them his chart folders... he uses them a bit differently)When the students finish an activity they now know they can take out their Fast Finisher Folder.  They heart it, and so do I!  It's a three ring binder, with teacher chosen sheets put inside of page protectors, and then explained to the students.  They then are given a tissue, and dry erase markers.  Go to Town boys and girls!

  Here is it in action.  I actually added our Envision Math part-part whole work mat to it, so the students can quickly work on addition and subtraction... I caught one of my ELL students using his free 5 minutes of fast finisher folder today doing addition!!

He almost got it!  He was so excited that I took his picture.  Next to his fast finisher folder sheets is what we call our Data part of the folder.  I will get into that later!  More to come on the sheets I included in the folder!  Tata!

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  1. Just found your blog and enjoyed your sharing. Love the page protectors, tissues, and markers. Just found this combination last year!!