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Monday, February 10, 2014

Math Centers = Love! + FREEBIE!!

We are having a great time with our new Loving Differentiated Math Stations Galore math centers from Marsha @ Differentiated Kindergarten!  She put a TON of work into it, and my kids just love it.  It is so easy to implement and work with the right tier groups to meet their needs...

The centers are self-correction addition/subtraction....

They are hands on....

and so much fun!

We also LOVE and iPads!   Very exciting to have all this technology available to us!! :)


Here is a freebie sight word color sheet!  SO cute thanks to!!!

It will be free until I log on tomorrow and change to a small fee... ENJOY friends!  Hope you have a fantastic week!

Also - fabulous Mrs. Wills has her peek at her week, and I would love to share mine!!

Peek at my week:

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  1. Kelly, thanks so much for the shout out. It's so fun seeing my products used somewhere other than my own classroom. :)
    A Differentiated Kindergarten