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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Postive Thoughts.

I just finished listening to a presentation given by Jamie Vollmer.  He is the author of Schools Cannot Do It Alone by Jamie Vollmer (2010).  I personally have not read it, nor heard of it prior to this presentation.  But today was very empowering and mind pondering.  I want to point something out that I think is important:  I am not a teacher who thinks sorry for myself in my position.  I choose this career, and to be honest, it is amazingly rewarding.  I teach where I do because I feel empowered, I honestly love my job.  But, needles to say, my job can be EMOTIONALLY draining.  I teach with my whole heart.  It is really hard to think positive some days, but Jamie really speaks strongly on being positive, and leaving the negative with your spouse.  How many positive things do you say a week, 1?  Make it 2, then 3, ect.

Check out this list of what is expected of a teacher now.  We are not just expected to be teachers, but to almost raise students today.  This list is crazy, and I guess it really puts education into perspective.  I hope all understand this, and what we do in the classrooms today.

He then spoke about 5 S's.....The 5 s’s made a lot of sense they are 1. stop bad mouthing each other, 2. shift from negative to positive, 3. share your positive attitude, 4. sustain the effort, and 5. start now.

Let's stop the bad mouthing; politically, socially, and within our work ethics.  We are in this together, liberal, republicans, Mom's, Grandpa's, even the coffee shop owner....

Here is my districts superintendant address:  "Focus on the Children"

Book Information:

Vollmer, Jamie (2010). Schools Cannot Do It Alone. Enlightenment Press.

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