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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Carpet Spots = Duck Tape!

Hi friends!   

  Do carpet spots bug you?  

  Are kiddos stepping over and on each other over and over?

  DUCK TAPE FIXES EVERYTHIIINNNGGG!   Even carpet spots!!!!!!!!   Tape rows on your carpet.  MUST advise you use duct tape!  Painters, scotch, etc., all peels away so easily you will be re-taping over and over....   

     Here is what I have set up for 25 kindergartens, including special ed kiddos!  They do AWESOME with it!  There is also a gap in-between the first three rows so we have a runway to the smartboard... works like magic!


Here is a cool freebie for you!   This is my quick math subtraction for their journals/number story books!  


I am hoping for some great weather here in WI!  Snow on Saturday looked like this....

Friday we are going to the zoo for a field trip, no rain or snow puuuhhlleeeaseee!!!  We go rain or shine, or snow in our case!!!

Also - please pray for Boston.  They are heavy in my heart....

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