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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Math Centers

I have been working hard on one of my personal teacher goals for this year, and it's going just great!  I pledged to do more with math centers, and I have succeeded!  I am proud, so I am going to show off a bit, but I hope this gives you some ideas more than anything!  Anywho... my students eat breakfast in the classroom starting at 7:10 (yea, insert loud YAWN here) (*yawn*) and I was toying with many different ideas on how to handle that...well, as soon as students finish breakfast, they head off to their centers! Wahoo!  They love it.  They get their breakfast on and then head to the center chart see below, and then off to math mania land!  I put together a little power point to show the importance of math centers, and how it works in my room...

Math Centers by Kelly

Math centers are a big help in getting my 20 minutes of math pullout time.  I do 45 minutes of math in the afternoon + calendar time, so this works perfectly!

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