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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Starting fresh

I wanted to start this year off fresh and clean.  I felt like I would just put things everywhere last year so I took everything off the wall, and stored in my back room over summer.  Here is a little before tour of my classroom.  Any suggestions at all, please share!

Here is what you see right when you walk in...
 My amazing smartboard, and 8 mac computers... <3

I have a window that peaks into the hallway....and there is my door

View from my smartboard area, windows into the back room

Here is the back room where I keep my materials not being used and desk.  I am VERY lucky to have this, and I want to reorganize it....looking at it makes me sad :(


  1. Wow, such a nice classroom! Can't wait to see finished photos! :)

  2. Thanks Amanda, it's a BIG work in progress!!